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2001 Type-V manual
Hi all,

After a long time coming, I have taken the cover off my 2001 Type-V Accord. I think I stopped using this in 2010, and it has been covered and maintained somewhat - but it has not seen general use for a few years now. I was a member of the forum back around that time.
A classic tale of family and work getting in the way.

I have put a new set of tyres on it, and begun going through the brakes, fluids etc. there is quite a list to do.

I have started it every year, and am trying to work out why it is hesitant to start now... but that is ongoing. I suspect the fuel has gone bad, or its main relay or fuel pump sender related.

Anyway, car has 45,000 miles on it, so hopefully there is still some enjoyment left once sorted.

My daily driver has been an Insight 2nd gen for a couple of years, and I also have a couple of Honda bikes.... so still a Honda fan.

I look forward to getting stuff back together with the limited time I have to do it. Fortunately that late 90s Honda feel is still popular; perhaps even more so with the passage of time.