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8th gen. / Cleaning sill cavity behind front mudflaps


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This is what I'm trying to prevent

Today I cleaned the sill behind the front right mudflap.
11 years of dirt accumulation removed.
There was quite a lot of dirt came out.
I flushed it out with a garden hose with the nozzle removed.

Steps I took:
I had to remove the mudflap.
3 philips headed screws hold it in place.
They were very difficult to unscrew.
The top screw I damaged the head. I then used a 'damaged screw head' removal tool called grabit pro but it failed to budge the screw.
I cut a new slot in the head with a hacksaw blade but it still would not budge.
I eventually removed it after holding a soldering iron on the head for 90 seconds followed by immediately unscrewing. The heat softened the plastic (into which the screw is screwed into) enough to loosen the bond between the threads and the plastic.

The mudflap was then removed.

Behind the mudflap is the wheel arch liner.
This is held in place by the mudflap's screw 'sockets'
I tried to remove these 3 screw sockets but they would not budge. I suspect they are some kind of 'bayonett' fitting. So I left them in place.
Above the highest mudflap screw is a plastic clip. I was able to remove this clip without breaking it (gently prised it out with a flat head screwdriver.
With the clip removed I was able to pull the wheel arch liner away from the metal arch bodywork and insert the garden hose.
I then turned on the hose 100% and jiggled it up and down for a few minutes.
While the hose was running I pulled at the bottom of the plastic lining and this allowed chunks of dirt to escape.
After a few minutes rinsing I inserted the hose at the bottom of the lining (see pic) and repeated.
Bits of leaves and mud were rinsed out.

I'm going to see if I can source the 3 of the thingy the screw goes into.
I can then break them out and fully remove the liner for further inspection/cleaning followed by some Bilt Hamber cavity spray.

If anyone knows the part number for the screw 'socket/ thingys please let me know.



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I need 3 of these. Or does anyone know how to remove it without breaking it ?
Self tapping screw (mud flap / splash guard) goes into them.
I dont think it's 90682sea003


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This evening I removed the front left (passenger side) mud flap / splash guard.
Again 1 of 3 screws was extremely difficult to remove. I damaged its head and had to cut a new slot to turn it into a flat head screw (was philips).
After much WD40 / tapping with hammer / soldering iron it eventually began to rotate.
The knack is to turn it cw then ccw and each time movement increases until eventually continuous ccw.

I've noticed that the area above the sill has lots of leaf debris. I suspect it gets there via the spill runoff from the windscreen.
The sill box itself is full of compacted silt.
I can just about fit my finger in and I can feel it.
I dislodged as much as I could while rinsing.
Unfortunately the screw retainers cannot be removed and I cannot fully peel back the wheel arch liner to get full access to the sill :-/.
I'll just have to leave the hose running for an hour and hope that the water eventually rinses awaythe mud/silt.

Note that this small section cannot be removed as it is part of the wing (2 x spot welds)


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Sticking a hose behind the wheel arch liner and flushing does not get all the dirt out.
The dirt is compacted.
To break up the dirt and thus aid flushing, I grabbed the liner between the 2 vertical screw sockets and pulled it forward about 1 inch.
I then inserted a long thin stick and poked it around to break up the dirt.
Then I flushed with the hose.
I think I have cleared out most of the dirt.
Yesterday I received the clips that the 3 self tapping screws go into, so I'll try and remove the clips holding the lining in place. If successful I'll be able to inspect to see how clean the sill area is.
If it doesn't require further cleaning I'll apply an anti rust coating.


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