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8th gen. / Sills / Sill cavity rust prevention / advice


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Hi All,
Each sill on my 8th gen (2013) has 9 rubber bungs.
Has anyone removed those bungs and inserted an inspection camera to see if there is any rust forming within the sill ?
Are they difficult to re-insert (brittle rubber) ?
I'm thinking of removing them and blowing out the cavity with compressed air.
Then flushing out with water.
Then after drying spraying the interior with a protective anti rust wax.



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I removed those on my 2009 8th gen and used an inspection camera, quite tight, rusty and dirty inside. No problem reinserting the grommets and not brittle at all, I sprayed the insides with fluid film.
Yeah me too I didn't realise you could get on through those to inspect and treat. Good stuff
Good discovery, I will have a look next time im up on a ramp - some kind of underbody protection has been on my list for a while - Lanoguard does a good job of marketing but I need to have a look for some reviews etc!