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8th gen. / Under body plastic panels


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Hi All,

The 8th gen. I have has large plastic panels on the underbody (chassis).
I presume these panels are either for aerodynamic effect or noise reduction.

Has anyone removed these panels ?
If so was there much rust on the underbody (hidden behind these panels) ?
Were the panels difficult to remove (broken clips) ?
Were the panels difficult to re-attach ?
Where to get spare clips ?

Thanks RN


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For clips (and parts in general) I find https://www.parts-honda.uk/ is the best place to look

Have a look here https://shorturl.at/meQBj

Once you have the part numbers you can then put them into google, ask a Honda dealer (Cox Motor Parts i've found good) or use www.amayama.com where you can order parts from Japan - they're usually a lot cheaper than the UK dealers but slow to arrive

Rust wise - i've not removed this panels but I do have a few small sports of surface rust on my sills in the corners in front of the rear wheel and behind the front wheel on the drivers side. I do need to have a look at it at some point but i'm going to get a few body kit panels and have them painted at some point so i'll wait and get it all painted at the same time. I don't think these cars are particularly notorious for rust but i've seen a few people mention the sills - that might be the potential problem area i'd say. On my car someone has damaged the sill at some point as it has quite a big dent in it ... possibly from someone jacking up in the wrong place but i'm not sure. My car has definitely had paintwork in its life, there's overspray all behind the front bumper, so who knows if this is a problem from the factory or substandard repairs afterwards