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Alarm problems


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Honda Accord estate
Hi there,
Can anyone help - I have a Honda accord estate, automatic 2006 - had to jump start the battery last week, all seemed fine, next day I locked it with the key fob as usual, I have a habit of double locking it so the super sensor is set, when I came back some time later nothing happened when I pressed the fob so in the end I had to use the key in the door to open the car setting off the alarm, eventually it stops sounding, but a week on the red light is still flashing on the dash so the car is still armed, I can only open the drivers door without setting off the alarm and I have a cereal box accross the interior sensors so I can drive the damn thing without setting it off continually - at first I thought I just needed to replace key fob battery, but that doesn't appear to be working now, then I wandered if it was battery related so changed the car battery (everyone at the garage loved me cos it wouldnt stop, only during the battery change) the fuse box in the manual isn't very helpful either as Id just like it to say 'remote transmission fuse' but I can't work out which one it is, I have watched so many youtube videos on how to disarm the alarm but nothing works - I have an mot coming up so desperately need to sort it asap - can anyone HELP please