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Central locking not working


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Honda Accord Estate
would welcome any help/hints to solve my central locking issue. Mobile mechanic came to fix a squeaking clutch pedal on my 2008 Honda Accord estate and inadvertently 'switched off' fuel pump. As car wouldn't then start he tried disconnecting battery and then had to attach jump leads. After realising what he had done and switching the fuel pump back on the car alarm started to sound continuously (he had left by this point) anmd remote central locking wasn't working at all (the boot wouldn't open either).

I did the key in the door sequence (close doors/open/close and open) and this stopped the alarm. I'm now able to open the boot without the alarm sounding. However, the key fob (got a new battery for it, thinking it could be this) nor central locking from inside the car work, only way of locking/opening is from the key in drivers door and then opening passenger doors from inside (which may or may not trigger the alarm).

Have also tried reset of key in ignition, turn on and press unlock button on key, and repeat 4 times. The locks opened by doing this but still same situation.

I have the mechanic coming back (when he can fit me in) and just wanted to see if anything I could in the meantime. I'm not very technical, so any help gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance.