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Classic Custom Exhausts - Hastings


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2003 Accord CM2
They made me a 2.5" stainless steel exhaust for my 2.4 Tourer. Total cost £450, one full day's labour. Got the car to them at 9am, picked up at 4:45pm. The noise is superb, the build quality and styling is great. Tailored to the fact it's a tourer and a family car. Nice and civilised on daily driving with the family, not anti social on the motorway cruising etc. When I boot it, it roars! I imagine it's opened up the breathability of the engine too and bought me a few horses, but having not dyno'd the car I couldn't say for sure.

Anyway, if you're in the South East, check them out, tell them you know the guy with the 2.4 dark tourer they did in the Summer of 2013 and want the same ;) . They'll talk you through the type of driving and what you're looking to achieve from your car as well as discuss back box and end tip styles with you. Great old boy and his young apprentice do all the work. When I went in to get a quote first time round they were working on an R33 GTR that's been on the cover of Max Power :D . They also specialise on vintage cars and do many very old sports cars, British, Italian and so on. Don't be put off by their website. They know a lot more about exhausts than they do websites :lol: .