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DIY - How to fix squeaking, noise seats (back supports)


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Hi Guys
So let start my manual regarding squeaking seat on my Accord. The noise was so annoying for me that even increasing radio volume didn't help. I did this job first time and it's not so difficult as you may think :D. All operation took me around 3 hours (including remove, fix and put back seat into my car), second one only 1 hours. You may have some problem installing back driver seat as we got stering wheel and no much room. My advise ask someone to help you during this process. Unfortunately I was alone but done it after fourth attempt :).
I forgot take some pictures how to remove seat from car but I'm gonna briefly describe what to do:


1.) Disconnect battery unit and wait few minuts
2.) Take big ratchet wrench with socket size 14 and unscrew two bolts on the front than move seat forward and go to back of the car.
3.) On the back you got 2 plastic covers and to remove them you need take flat medium size screwdriver and start pry plastic, each side it should pop out.
4.) After remove plastic cover we have got another two bolts to unscrew.
5.) Than you going to front of car and moving seat to the back and start lifting up ( slowly as you got 2 connectors come out from airbag.need to unplug). On passenger side there is 3 connectors to disconnect). If you got electric seat it my be something more to unplug, my version is without electric seat.
6.)Now you are able to remove seat from car but before you gonna to this the best way is cover side plastic and dashboard (corner) to avoid scratching them. I used old t-shirts and it help.
7.)Pull up stering wheel and now you are ready to remove seat from car. I recon that electric seat is much heavier than without, so second person is essential.


1.) First we laying seat on the floor as on photo below and unplug 2 black strips from springs.

2.) Next step lift up black cover and you got there two screws on sides to remove with phillips screwdriver. On my photo I did that so only holes you see.

3.) Next you need to place your fingers between leather and plastic back cover and pull out. Use both hands good pull out should release bracket (clips) on each side. I marked in paint where around you need to grip them - little red hands. Don't worry about clips it not brake. After that you pulling out cover and move down. On photo bellow you got seat without cover.

4.) Plastic cover bellow and I marked where to grip

5.) Next step you need to unplug all bracket (white colour from metal frame) also you got 2 black clips on the bottom, they keep carpet which need to be remove . I was struggling to remove them as they sit very tight. I used special trim plier (you can buy on ebay). Bellow photo with all clips, brackets unplugged.

6.) Next you need to fold seat down and push material (carpet with long clip to the front on seat). Folding down seat help you move carpet on the front as is making a gap. Picture bellow with carpet and clip pushed to the front. After this operation you are able to easy remove leather from side supports (which squeaks), you can also push foam to the front. You don't have to remove all leather cover only up to this level where you are able place hands between foam and frame.

7.) Bellow I made some room between foam and frame. Also there is a black plastic handle what you normaly use for adjust your back support. To remove it you need to take flat screwdriver and remove spring (wire) and after that you are able pull out handle away from seat. Sorry but I didn't take a picture how it look.

8.) Now what you can use to deadened your seat. I say like that every cloth ( I cut my old t-shirt on small pieces) and start fitting them between frame and foam (because only foam squeaks) and if you thinking that using any lubricants like WD-40, silicone grease, white grease will help so you are wrong. I tried first spray but effect was worst. Apart from cloths, you can use adhesive foam ( I had left some of them after last job what I done) - my one was 3 mm and I bought it on ebay. But if you haven't got use cloth. Bellow foam:

9.) I add photo bellow how leather was looked when I strip up and don't worry is easy to get them smooth with no creases.

10.) I took photo from inside but anyway no much to see as adhesive foam looks similar as factory foam (my one was grey) but I sticked to the frame.

11.) Picture bellow with airbag

12.) As last photo I wanna put passenger one - it's look a little bit different. When you fitting any clothes you need to test them as squeaks stop. So I was putting clothes and start moving. Last thing if you gonna still hearing clicking noise from side where airbags are located you need to put some clothes or foam between wires which keep this wide white strip on airbag. My wires had loose and was moving , I tried thighteen them but no chance, so I used cable thight.

All process ***embly back seat same way as you disassembled. Hopefully it will help ;) sorry if some of description are not clear, but english is not my native language.

Cheers Guys


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Wow great guide, thanks.

Not sure I'll be doing mine, looks too complex though.


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Amazing guide mate. Good work.


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Great DIY and thanks for the time and effort.