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Faulty accessory power socket - not a blown fuse


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Honda Accord
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I was minding my own business inflating a flat tyre with a small air compressor plugged in to the 12V accessory power socket in the boot of my 2006 2.4 I-VTEC Ex, petrol manual Tourer...
After a couple of minutes the compressor cuts out, a blown fuse, I think, not uncommon. I continued to inflate the tyre using the cigarette lighter socket in the dash. The accessory socket in the arm rest cubby hole is also unaffected. Afterwards, I check the fuses suggested in this forum; all fine. In fact I check every single fuse in all four fuse box locations; they’re ALL fine.

I get the multimeter on the accessory socket in the boot and there’s a voltage, about 1.3V. At other times I get a different voltage; about 3.6V, 6.5V ish,, etc. (9V is the highest I've observed). The voltage never stabilises and shows 0V when the ignition key is 'off' (which is what you'd expect if it was functioning correctly). The multimeter is not faulty and has never been faulty.

The only thing I can think of is that there's a voltage regulator IC on this 12V socket which has fried.

Anyone, any thoughts?

Many thanks!