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Finally Bitten the Bullet - Replacement Throttle Position Sensor inbound

Channel Hopper

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Accord 7 Estate 2005
The Servisol 10 electrical spray no longer provides more than a few days respite so a cheap TPS is on its way.

I will take pictures of the fitting and the old one's condition once in place.
All done, easier than expected. The original bolts are best loosened with a small set of molegrips as drilling out would be a pain.

The tourer feels smoother and cruise control operation is back, no limp mode during a sixty mile trip on Thursday, or since.

And the autopsy , the interior tracks are worn with one particular balding 5.jpg6.jpg7.jpgspot where the ECU determines something has gone wrong.

All in all about 40 minutes work.
With my untrained eye it looks like you did all your driving either just off idle or balls to the wall :p