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[Guide] Saloon bootlid gas strut conversion


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CU2 Modulo 6MT
One thing that annoyed me since the day I bought this car was that the boot lid did not open fully after pressing the key on the fob. So naturally I decided to fix it. It's a pretty easy job, you will need about an hour of free time and some basic tools.
First of all, massive thanks to the user Heka for the original guide and excellent photos that can be found HERE

Tools and supplies required:
Audi TT Roadster bootlid strut 1x
GSC1116 - 150N - gentler opening, sometimes struggles in cold weather
GSC1117 - 200N - works better in cold weather but requires more force to close
10mm ball joints - both M8 thread - 1x 52mm, 1x33mm total length
13mm angled spanner and a 13mm ratchet
A couple of M8 washers and locking nuts
Trim tools
Spare trim clips (they will break, trust me)
Cordless drill with 8mm drill bit


1. Open rear left door and fold down the seats 1
2. Pry up the upholstery to remove both clips 2 and 3
3. After releasing the clips, fold up part of the boot floor as shown in



4. Release the upholstery clip 1 and pull to the left as shown in 2


5. Pry up the plastic boot cover surrounding the latch. Clips marked 1 and the corresponding holes marked 2


6. Remove clips marked 1
7. Pull the trim panel in the marked direction 2 to free the cargo hook
8. Pull away the rubber seal and pull on the trim panel to free another clip 3
9. Push the trim forward to free the other cargo hook 4
10. Rotate the panel 90deg left and pull it out of the boot. 5

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Now the fun part - you have to crawl into the boot head first to access to the mounting points in the back.

This is the most difficult part so take it slow and easy.

1. Grab your washer and M8 locking nut and slide them behind the piece of sheet metal above hole marked 1 through the opening 2. You can use a little bit of electrical tape to secure them together and/or to your finger so they dont' disappear in the frame.
2. Slide the balljoint through the hole 1 and engage the threads on the nut.
3. Carefully slide a 13mm spanner through hole 3 and tighten the nut using a ratchet.
4. Remove two clips holding the seat folding handle to the parcel shelf.


5. Drill an 8mm hole in the boot hinge in the place marked 1


6. Mount the other balljoint through the drilled hole. Add a couple of washers to the side facing away to lessen the angle of the strut and tighten everything up.
7. Grease the balljoints and clip the gas strut onto both.


Reassemble everything by following part 1 in reverse order.

Final result:
Nice one, i've been meaning to do this one for a while (about mod 97 on the list! :eek:)