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Header manifold, caliper & koni


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Type s

I have a type s 7th gen 2005 and I have a few queries some have been touch on before.

1. For a header I had requested one from sergey but he's been away for a rather long time after confirming a request. So my second query is exhaustworx (icetronix) in Dublin offer a header for 500 all in welded etc. They say it give 5 to 8 bhp they use the same material as others I believe 304 steel. Is it worth going with them or ordering a weapon r? Has anyone had any dealings with them?

2. Am I right in thinking CH1 accord type r calipers will suffice for the CL9?

3. Finally if I get the koni yellow shocks alone on stock springs this should lower the car somewhat to my understanding?

Much appreciated for any help or clarity!