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Headlights can't be turned off with OFF switch


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Accord 2012 Tour 2.2
2012+ Accord with Bixenon lights.

Off=main beams on, parking lights on. Interior max brightness.
Parking lights= main beam off, parking lights on. Interior uses sensor to adapt to light situation.
Auto= main beams on, parking lights on, interior adapts to light settings.
Main beam= exactly the same as auto.

I contacted local Honda dealer and they said that they can not change headlight settings. I find it hard to believe. I read that in Germany and Russia its possible to turn off lights at off settings like any other car.
Its annoying because I use fog lights as DRL to preserve xenon bulbs and projector. But every time it turns on the xenon and it kills the bulb like that.
Anyone has dealed with that situation? I disassembled everything and found no other way than its a software issue. Headlight switch to micu and to headlight works as it should. There are no relays between.
I'm not totally sure but I found a few posts online saying that you can remove the DRL fuse? I have a TSX manual PDF from 2009 and it says Fuse 15 on "Interior Fuse Box (Driver's Side)" but worth checking your own manual as it may have different info.