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Help needed please...vtec


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east mids
Hi. I have a 2000 ch1 engine fitted into my metro 6R4 car.
A quick story then any advice please
So am giving it some decent throttle!! on an open road when suddenly the engine died with a dohhhhhh sound. Upon a quick look I could only smell rubber.
So off to my workshop and remove timing belt cover and find the bottom belt ( water pump , oil pump and balancer shaft) completely shredded.
Replaced bottom belt and timing belt and set timing up again.
Upon starting it would idle fine but at 3000rpm would miss and backfire. Rechecked timing etc all good. Started up..same again..so thinks ..wonder if it jumped a couple of teeth on timing and damaged head....off with the head..all good. Rebuilt with new gaskets etc , set timing AGAIN. Started up .same .
Changed knock sensor..map sensor..plugs..leads..dizzy..still same
Hmmm..wonder if snapping belt damaged crank sensors...strip down AGAIN..upon inspection 1 x was damaged..replaced both and started up...SORTED..thank god.
BUT problem I still have is vtec will not work and it won't rev past 5300 rpm.
Checked vtec solenoid etc, oil pressure very good..vtec oil seal in head replaced.
I do not have a plug in diagnostic port or dash lamp.
I am running out of ideas.