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Help needed Scotland central belt


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Accord Tourer 8th Ge
Just wondering if anybody in central belt Scotland that is running Fahads dpf and egr blank stage 1 remap on the 2.2 i dtec would be willing to allow me to travel over to have a look at boost pressure readings using my torque pro app.

I had to replace my turbo cartridge before Christmas and I don't think I successfully matched up the actuator arm length and stop screw on the new cartridge.

Don't worry I'll not be touching your turbo lol. Just need to have wee look under the bonnet to see where it's supposed to sit.
Ive studied my boost pressure readings on mine and just need to compare like for like with somebody else that's had the same remap.
Turbo feels like it's boosting too early and by the time the revs get to where the power band is meant to be it seems to flatten off
It's doing my head in driving as I don't know if I'm damaging the new cartridge.
My car is pretty rare in my area and the chances of me approaching someone with same car in a car park and having the same remap is slim