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Help - tick tick when engine warms up on auxiliary belt side 2.2 cdti


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Hi all,

I have managed to finally buy an accord 2.2 cdti with 92k on the clock.... since then I replaced the turbo+exhaust manifold which got me rid of a whining noise from the turbo...but

There is still another problem which I noticed when I bought it but thought it was going to be easier to sort/diagnose....
Hope any of the experts can give me a help to point why I may have a tickling noise from the auxiliary/serpentine belt side only when engine is up to temperature...
I know that there is a comon issue with the alternator pulley/clutch which fails and needs replacing. Mine still has the original idler pulley configuration, which I intend to change to the short configuration when possible...

The noise is definatelly not coming from the head/top part of the engine, and is doing my head as it only happens when the car warms up. It is very silent when cold I must say.

Please note that my mechanic allready changed the belt and belt tensioner (which hasn't sorted the issue).

I've seen a thread where someone explains a similar problem with the alternator pulley noise only manifesting itself when engine up to temperature and after the cooling fan turning on, which according to
the explanation given, because the fan turned on, more current will be asked from the alternator which can cause the alternator pulley issue to manifest itself? Is this something anyone can confirm or knows about?