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How to remove a bolt (which just spins) holding the rear bumper beam?


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South England
2006 Accord 2.4 EX+
I'm spending the next few days tackling rust on my 2006 Honda Accord - I did the front a couple of weeks ago, and now it's time to do the rear.....

(so far, not looking great.....)

I've removed the rear bumper, and revealed a very rusty bumper beam. I've tried to get it off and rust protect it for now (so I can keep it for now until funds permit me to get a new one). 5 of the 6 bolts came off without any complaints.....

The 6th one just spins around.....

It's recessed and so at least a long drill (to drill through it) would be needed. But I fear it'll just spin around anyway.

Any ideas?

(I can't put mole grips on it because it's pretty hidden inside.

PS - Seeing all this rust has made me wonder the sanity of trying to fight the rust worm..... I'm not confident I'm going to win this..... (my last car, a Honda Accord I had for 13 years finally died for pretty much the same reasons)