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I'm baaack..04 reg 2.0 sport cat question.


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honda accord
Hey all I've not been on here since I sold my white 6th gen a while back..
Ok so I pick up the above car and am fully aware that due to the high value of the cats they are common for theft (£450 offered by a cat scrapper in mcr) so I'm going to stop this happening to me by having mine removed, I know some of you will say that no it's illegal and stuff but I don't want to come out one morning and hear that it's gone so will be going to danmar exhaust in Wigan to get it taken off on Wednesday then take the cat to mcr to get my monies.
I'm paying £700 for the car, it's red with half leather seats and I think sat nav but not sure, 132k and mot till the 19th August.
Is the O2 sensor in the cat and if I just get a straight pipe put in as a temporary measure will it throw up a check engine light?
Many thanks and I hope you're all well.