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Is my car mapped?


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Honda accord 2.2 ict
I bought a 2006 2.2 i-ctdi ex nav accord in September (not sure if it's face lift or not)n22a1, he told me that it had a stainless steel back box on it didn't really have a good look under the bonnet if I'm honest, just drove it and wanted it.

Since getting it home I've had a little look underneath and it looks like it's got a straight through pipe from the primary cat to an aftermarket back box.

I haven't got any errors and my partially sighted mot tester ***ured me it would pass my emissions without any reason to closely inspect any emissions related equipment.

My question is, would the secondary cat need to be mapped out to stop errors flashing up and if so would there be any way of checking if it's been remapped?

All I'm thinking is if I was going to spend the dough on getting the cat mapped out, I might as well get some extra horses out too whilst I'm at it. And I'm guessing anyone else would think the same.

Another thing, I'm a bit of a newbie to getting under the hood, but a very fast learner, but it's there any way of finding out if any main issues have already been fixed, like the cracked manifold or vsa issues. It looks like there's a new alternator on there and a new battery, but don't know how to check if the pulley reroute has been done.

I've already disconnected the Bluetooth module thinking of they've replaced the battery and alternator this might've been the true cause of whatever fault they were fixing.

Does anyone also have any experience with using a hardcut limiter with this engine? I would like to set up launch control, plus I love the sound

That's in advance, and apologies too, I recognise that most of these questions have probably been answered and have been tawling through searches but can't seem to find the right answer.


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2009 Accord IDTEC
Book it in with me for a diagnostic session, I’ll be able to verify if it’s mapped or not and also give you an indication of responses in relation to your other questions. Drop me a line if interested.