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January 2019 - Forum Spring Clean

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Hey guys,

Last year we encountered serious spam problems due to the forum software being outdated. This forced us to suspend new user sign-ups until we updated the forum software. We attempted to upgrade immediately, however this has turned out to be more problematic than we expected. One of the issues was the sheer size of the forum and the amount of content on the forum. We've therefore had a spring clean.

Key target areas were:

For Sale & Wanted Threads - everything that hasn't been responded to for over a year has been purged
General Chat & Honda Accord Chat - threads that haven't been posted in for years, dating back as far as 2010, discussing trivia such as what TV shows people are watching and so on... They've been purged too.

This has allowed us to shave hundreds of threads from the forum and streamline things in a way that shouldn't impact on your use of the forum. Most of the technical stuff has remained in tact, with only a few repetitive threads and/or threads with very low view counts and zero responses from years ago.

We've tried to ensure nothing from the last couple of years has been impacted in the Technical area, but I apologise if one of your recent threads seems to not be there anymore. If this is the case, it's an honest accident, one that slipped through the net so to speak.

Hopefully in the coming weeks the forum will be updated, new user sign-ups reinstated and perhaps best of all, the forum search feature will work properly again :lol: .

We'll update you on any further info as and when there's more to report. Lastly, like many forums, we're a small bunch of enthusiasts, running a forum in our spare time at our own expense. We're doing the best we can and massively appreciate your patience and understanding while we get things figured out and updated. We'll get there eventually :) .

Not open for further replies.