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Passenger's Front side light removal - Best way to remove/replace?


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South England
2006 Accord 2.4 EX+
I've just discovered that my front passenger side light is not working - I've watched a couple of YouTube videos but nothing seems to hit the nail. Looks like a tricky job, either taking the battery out (and I'm not convinced you'll get access to the side light bulbs) - or taking the front wheel off, taking off the inner wheel liner and getting at it that way.......

Also, any idea what bulb is needed?

Hi I did mine by taking a couple of the push clips holding the wheel arch liner pull down enough to get your hand/ arm in reach wires & bulb holder twist and its out . 10 minute job tops, I think Antdad is correct on bulb type. I changed mine for leds as they are much brighter and no heat from them. Regards john.
I've managed to get my hand in there to change the bulb a couple of times (those cheap LED's just aren't worth it..) without removing the battery. Have to twist it out it by feel though. It's easier now it's been loose a couple of times, but I hate that there are 2 almost identical feeling plugs in there, one above the other.
Thanks guys,

I went and ordered the light bulbs on Amazon, something like £2.49 for a pack of 10 (compared to Honda's price of £32+.....)

Looks like I might be able to squeeze my hand in past the battery after all - I'll report back once it's done (MOT due later next week).