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Random brake lights


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Honda Accord 2.2CDTI
My 2007 Accord Tourer has got some sort of gremlin that is causing the brake lights to be a bit random. They only come on when the brake pedal is pressed (so far, so good) but which ones illuminute changes all the time.
The two left ones are consistent and operate as expected
the spoiler-mounted central light works about 50% of the time, seemingly without rhyme or reason.
The right one mounted on the bootlid only works if the right hand indicator is also switched on. It doesn't flash, it just comes on when you click the indicator stalk
The right one mounted on the corner of the body comes on, but goes off when the central spoiler mounted one is working.

All seems very random. The bulbs are obviously working as all the lights work at some time or another. I'll try cleaning the connection plugs but I'm not sure what else to look at.
Check and clean the earth connections for the affected brake lights (including on any ***ociated relays), I have had weird light combinations happen on other cars, especially when light clusters share common, single earth leads. IDK how the tailgate earths work, but if they rely on leads reaching back to the body proper, maybe hook up a separate temporary earth lead for testing and see if the problem disappears.

People have reported that wiring in the tailgate bundle can snap when the bundle is stressed at the hinge point.
I had one on my old EG9 civic where the brake lights would randomly come on. It was a faulty brake/tail light bulb that would short to the tail lights when warm.

Wife's Jazz would randomly blow the indicators circuit fuse. I couldn't find a fault so changed all the indicator bulbs. Fault went away.

Don't discount a faulty bulb.