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Replace thermostat 2.2 iDtec 2010 8th Gen


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2.2 i-dtec EX-T 2010
During last winter (UK) I noticed that the temperature gauge seemed to take a long time to start moving whilst driving, and that the output from the heater was poor, even on a long run. The highest the gauge read was just a couple of divisions below half way.

First thoughts were that the thermostat could be stuck partially open, so I wanted to have a go at replacing it, which I ***umed would be a straightforward job. However ...... I couldn't positively identify where it was located, and to get to where I thought it was seemed to necessitate a fairly extensive strip down merely get to it.

So any guidance on locating the 'stat and doing the job would be appreciated. The Haynes manual does not cover this engine, and there seems to be little information online.

Thanks in advance.