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Replacing Mk8 Premium Audio Double Din Head Unit


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Honda Accord Mk8
Hello fellow forum members

I've owned my Mk8 Honda Accord for three years now and have recently been considering changing the current double din CD changer head unit with a pioneer android audio unit. The car is a 2012 (62 plate) GT EX with the premium audio system, Satnav unit in the boot and rear camera. I have accessed the rear of the head unit (which is also the CD changer) and am faced with five connectors (see attached). I had a local car audio technician have a look at the wiring and he was initially optimistic that he could fit a new unit fairly easily and link it up to the rear camera and existing USB/audio jack input. However, as he could not find any wiring information on the connectors he wasn't keen to attempt it. I was hoping a fellow member on this forum may have experience of changing this head unit or know where I may be able to find information to help with the wiring of each connector.