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Swops? For sale if It can help anyone on here?


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'04 2.4 hearse
Evening guys... Sorry if in the wrong section in advance. Admin pls move if needs be.

Have a honda genuine unopened fuel and oil filter kicking around for cdti bought for my 07 plate couple of years back. Desperately in need of a oil filter and pollen and or air filter for my k24a3 on an 04...if anyone can use these, and maybe has a spare of the above or wants to take them off my hands or ideally swop me if they are in the same position but the other way round, pls give me a shout... Dry stored, in original boxes and mint. Can happily take pics but have no idea how (old git) just have no use for em. If ur local to notts/Derby can always drop em down or meet me... Let me know and they are both yours for say £20? That seem fair? Cheers Al