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What do you think of this clutch?


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06' 2.4 i-vtec Ex
A bit of the backstory…
I bought my Accord from a UK forecourt in 2020, 131K miles on the clock, the seller had a new 3 piece clutch fitted immediately prior to my purchase. The seller could not explain why it took several days to source the parts. On the basis that it formed part of the car's service history, I requested, and received, a receipt for the fitment of a 3 piece clutch kit. 13months and 9655 miles later the clutch failed and required replacement. My garage says the wear is inconsistent with it’s supposed age and the seller either fitted a used clutch or fitted a new friction plate only.

The seller has already proven themselves to be thoroughly disreputable in their dealings with me. Reviews from other customers are utterly damning, some of which similarly allege criminal behaviour.

I wondered what folks' views are regarding the age/wear of the pictured component, and whether it was possible to age the component or identify the manufacturer from the following details.

F.C.C. (stamped large)
LC 03KD 038A (stamped)
23405 (stamped)
01M04AM02 (etched)
6G10 (ink?)
Japanese/Chinese characters (ink? picture attached)