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    Front left brake is binding, what could be reason

    The flexible hoses can break down internally and cause blockages that then hold pressure to the caliper. Worth replacing them both sides.
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    Spare wheel tourer

    There should be a threaded hole in the middle. I made a quick bracket with a long bolt and piece of metal.
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    I love my Tourer !

    Just want to express what a fantastic car my 7th Gen Tourer is ! Currently moving stuff between houses prior to a full move and it's just amazing how much stuff I can fit the boot and how easy it is to load. Over this last week I have picked up a wardrobe and the bloke said 'Where's your van?'...
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    Knocking from Rear of Tourer

    Well I've replaced the rear anti roll bar bushes and the knocking seems to be gone. Of course I'm now paranoid and hearing every other noise but I'm fairly sure it's gone! Frustrating when a relatively simple 30 minute job solves something you have been chasing for two years !!!!!!
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    Timing chain replacement

    No never saw it but had it replaced again WITH a new sprocket and fingers crossed it's still going strong!
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    Rear anti roll bar bushes

    Has anybody got a link for a set of Tourer rear anti roll bar bushes? The ones my local car shop got for me were far too small and he is struggling to find anything larger. 22.2 is stamped on the current ones so I presume that’s the internal diameter.
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    Knocking from Rear of Tourer

    Yeah squirting wd40 inside the subframe and working the bolts slowly in and out by hand.
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    Knocking from Rear of Tourer

    Well would have done if the ones I had been given were the right size !! They were far too small. Judging by how difficult the bolts were to get out wthout snapping then I presume they have never been off in 16 years !
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    Knocking from Rear of Tourer

    Fitting new anti roll bar rubbers later so lets see if that changes anything !
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    Knocking from Rear of Tourer

    Already done both rear drop links but not the rubbers
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    Ball joint nuts

    I've used nylock nuts on many ball joints in the past, including my current Honda, and never had an issue
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    Knocking from Rear of Tourer

    No still living with it! Passed through at least two MOTs with it so pretty confident it's not suspension!
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    Oil recommendations please

    Autudata recommends Engine oil options Ambient temperature range All temperatures Engine oil grade SAE0W-20, 0W-30, 0W-40 Engine oil classification API/ACEASL/A1, A3, A5 Ambient temperature range All temperatures Engine oil grade SAE5W-30, 5W-40 Engine oil classification...
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    Torque settings please

    Using my 2004 icdti as the reference the quoted injector clamp torque is 5Nm + 90° and rocker cover is 10Nm
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    2.2 i-ctdi 2007 Engine Oil Flush

    Correct !