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    How to diagnose and replace a faulty over pressure relief valve on a 2006 2.2 i-CTDi

    I remember replacing mine a year or so ago and yes it was tight but doable at home
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    No red oil lightbon dashboard...

    Is it an actual bulb in the dash and has it blown?
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    Cruise control clutch switch problem

    Pretty sure there will be a nut above and below the bracket. To move the switch closer to the clutch pedal then 'loosen' the top nut and 'tighten' the lower nut. Nip them both up tight when done. Only thought before doing this why is the clutch pedal sitting lower than it should be? You...
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    Interior light not working. How to access?

    I had a similar problem and turned out to be the little switches in the roof panel that actually control the feed when they are pressed or not. Apparently its fairly common and I managed to get a pair from eBay for about £5. From memory the clear cover on lights in the panels pull off and...
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    Gas struts for boot

    Bit of a fiddle to replace but not horrendous. Did mine 18 months ago.
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    Does anyone know where I can find these switches for the overhead lights?

    2x Interior Light Lamp Switch Fit For Honda Accord CR-V Odyssey 34404SDAA21 | eBay
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    Does anyone know where I can find these switches for the overhead lights?

    Got mine from eBay. Will try and find a link
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    Headlight Bulbs

    You could always fit standard halogens on the day of the MOT and then change back the day after....... That's my plan :)
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    What other cars have people got/had

    Far too many to list but some of my favourites
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    Headlight Bulbs

    Bought this kit and installed them yesterday following the guide above and fantastic difference!! Now have white lights rather than yellow ones and fingers crossed less blown bulb issues ...
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    Oil - Petrol Engine - 0w30 or 5w30

    C3 is a more modern standard and so will probably be a better oil but both would be fine
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    Oil - Petrol Engine - 0w30 or 5w30

    A5/B5 is for cars without a DPF and C3 is low SAPS oil which are for DPF equipped vehicles. Don't use an A5/B5 oil in a DPF car or you will poison it and will be a costly replacement
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    Welcome. Have a search and if you can't find your answer then let us know :)
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    Headlight Bulbs

    Perfect thanks
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    Headlight Bulbs

    I can't see anything in any of those images that looks like a H1 bulb !