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I have a 2003 Honda Accord CL9 manual 6 speed gear box. With home made big CAI, RSP withhome made mods too,weapon-R race header + 2.5" catback...my clutch is stage 1 street - race from ACT... is your mapping could work well with my parts?

I would like a SP98 tunning, possible E85 too?

If i install an k20 VTC, is the ECU will manage it?

Thanks a lot

I'm living in France!

Best regards,
Did you manage to sort out a turbo timer for your type-S?
How much is the competition clutch then ?
Rob Cool
Competition clutch was £450 plus vat, doesn't include flywheel!! Also it'll be a modified CTDI kit.

A company called RTS, they do clutch's and brakes etc, they have quoted me a hybrid clutch and dual mass flywheel for £647.07 inc vat and postage. It can handle up to 603Nm torque!! I will getting that next month the reviews for them are good.
Rob Cool
I messaged them from there website, it links to their fb messenger chat