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    Doesn't Matter posted the thread Hello in Welcome.
    Hi everyone. Recently got the bug to start doing things with my accord so joined after ending up here after several Google searches...
  • Kaput!
    Kaput! replied to the thread oil spec for k20a6.
    Thats the exact oil i used although the one i bought was 5 litres.You will need 4.2-4.4 litres with new filter fitted.Those lower and...
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    markotsg2 replied to the thread oil spec for k20a6.
    thanks for that was that new formula Shell 5w40 api sn plus? you used? or old sn rated? below new one
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    antdad replied to the thread Front seats.
    It might be fixable if the foam isn't too bad but it's easy to do badly. If you have some skills it's mostly a question of using the...
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    Bounder replied to the thread Front seats.
    I think the front seats are the same LHD/RHD only difference will be the driver seat has more adjustment. Just the bolster should be...
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    julekasMobilek posted the thread Front seats in 8th Gen DIY.
    Hello guys, has anybody tried to renew front seats? Mine has minor tearing of the leather, left bolster, so i'm thinking how to fix...
  • SayamaAccord
    I agree with antdad, leave well alone, or it will come back a lot worse if you mess with it.
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    Had that on a couple of VW Passats I owned a few years ago. Very common rust issue. VW said it was Caused by a mechanical issue to get...
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    Canario10 replied to the thread Presentation.
    Good Morning. Sorry.
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    If it's anything like the gen 7 the cause is mud and detritus trapped behind the plastic inner arch and the inner wing, no point doing...
  • Andy MacRae
    Can confirm my Accord has a Navi Unit with an inbuilt Amp, plugged in my new Sony and all 8 speakers work fine with the right...
  • Andy MacRae
    Yes, a desoldering iron helps a lot but some solder wick and a normal iron would be fine for doing it. The bugger is having to desolder...
  • Andy MacRae
    Unfortunately not, steeling myself to go out at 1am to disconnect/reconnect the battery. Would really like to find out where it's...
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    Andy MacRae reacted to JVM33's post in the thread Fixed - Clock and AirCon Top Display with Like Like.
    Hello, Thanks for your write-up. I was wondering if you could tell me if this fixes the problem with the GPS clock setting and the top...
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    Thanks F6HAD i must get one of them obd2 readers i often see them coming up cheap and in conversation but i went for a 15 minute drive...