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    Looking for K24 Performance exhaust header: Exhaustworx ?

    I've actually been looking around for an exhaust header too. Seen the same one on eBay. Does seem quite good. With the reflash dyno is showing 210bhp which is pretty decent, but don't know if that was headers on stock cat or headers and decat. I've actually been in contact with...
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    Littlebo/UKCL9 CL9/CM2 - K24 Reflash/Remap Test ECU

    Got my ECU flashed back in January, covered about 2000 miles since then. I wanted to really test it out the reflash first so that's why I'm leaving my review now. Thanks to F6HAD for giving me Frazers number and thanks to Frazer was doing the reflash. Frazer was very helpful and fast. I...
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    Changing rims on gen 7 6JJ to 6 1/2 JJ

    I've changed my gen7 2.4 17inch alloys to 16 inch alloys without any issues, it was for more comfort. I don't think 6.5jj should be a problem really, its only a 10mm wider wheel so you're able to a slightly wider tyre on. For example 6.0jj max tyre width is 205mm 6.5jj max tyre width is...
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    Driveshafts or something else?

    I've been reading the forums and driveshafts seem to be a common issue on the 2.4s not sure why. My previous 2.0 had 147,000 miles on it and didn't have any driveshaft issues and I was hammering nearly all the time. Let us know what happens after MOT
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    Common faults and problems

    Is it a saloon, tourer, petrol or diesel? Rear calipers seem to be a common issue. Not really expensive though, I've just bought a pair of brand new rear calipers for under £80. That's really the only issue I had with both my petrol saloon accords. On my current 2.4 accord I had a faulty rear...
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    Wheel Size/comfort

    My previous Accord was the 2.0 executive saloon on 16s and ride was very comfortable even on cheap tyres but handling not so good, alot of body roll. I currently own the saloon 2.4 type S which is factory lowered. I noticed the difference immediately in handling and ride comfort when test...
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    loss of power

    Nah for real?? Damn. Hope you enjoy yourself my man:)
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    loss of power

    Well I guess its just personal experiences and taste really. I drove my brothers diesel Mondeo recently wasn't really bad but just not for me. Worst cars I drove and covered plenty of miles in was a brand new Vauxhall Mokka and Land Rover Defender. Lol I love the high revving VTEC now!:D...
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    loss of power

    I'm glad you managed to find out the problem. Fahad is very good indeed. Also hopefully doesn't cost you too much to sort it out. I prefer to stay away from diesels, it was real bad the few years I owned one. Never again. :cool:
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    loss of power

    Oh that's crap. I think best thing to do is contact F6HAD. He will most likely know what the problem is.
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    Low priced 8th Gen Type S on autotrader

    Well when I was going to buy my 2005 Accord back in July, I checked the reg on the clean filter air zone web and it said that I would be charged for entering any zones because apparently it wasn't Euro 4. But I knew it was Euro 4 because it was registered in 2005, that's the year Euro 4...
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    Low priced 8th Gen Type S on autotrader

    Just seen it. Beautiful car. Problem of buying them now is the new Emission zones coming into effect all over the uk. If it was a 2013/14 reg could possibly be Euro 6, you can phone Honda and get letter sent with proof of it being Euro 6(if it is that) then send letter to DVLA. Hopefully you...
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    loss of power

    It does seem like it had something to do with the clutch because the problem occurred shortly after, but once you changed the fuel filter power returned for a very little time. So I don't think its the clutch because your saying changing gears is fine its just lack of power. I had a similar...
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    Multiple dashboard warning lights

    Do you have any issues with performance, fuel economy or when starting the car?
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    loss of power

    Does it go into limp mode? Was this happening before the clutch replacement? If it wasn't then I don't think its the turbo.