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    Heater resistor location?

    Yeah it does unfortunately. I say unfortunately because mines knackered as well. The heater only works on 3&4. 1&2 packed up a while ago and I’ve just got used to having the two options left.
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    Accord or not to Accord?

    The clutch will probably cost about £350, I paid that much for mine last time I had it done. In terms of the SRS light, I had mine reset and it hasn’t come back on so I don’t know if you have a deeper issue. A fault reader should help though.
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    Heater resistor location?

    Hi Dave, it’s in the passenger footwell under the glovebox. You don’t have to take the plastic cover off to get to it, just open the passenger door and get your head down to where the passengers feet will be and look up. It’s held in with two screws if I remember correctly.
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    hi group - - im looking for an online parts contact

    All I can recommend is scrapyards to be honest. That's where I had to go to get an EGR valve.
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    water temp gauge

    I had a problem like this a couple of years ago, replaced the thermostat and all is now well. My temperature sits between one third and halfway.
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    ABS with no wrror

    Hi Littlei, I removed my seats recently and couldn’t get the ABS light out. I just bit the bullet and gave it to my garage. ABS light goes out again now just after I fire her up.
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    Some little changes!

    Very nice
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    Disconnecting SRS cable from clock spring (cable reel)

    I hope someone has an answer for you. A bit too technical for me unfortunately.
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    Side Lights

    I want to replace the sidelights on my 1.8 sport. At the moment, the ones I have are truly awful. Does anyone have any suggestions for an upgraded pair?
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    Merry Christmas.

    Bit late but Merry Christmas. Happy new year in advance. Happy motoring.
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    Steel Wheels

    Ah, mines a 4 stud, it looks like yours might be 5 stud. Thanks for replying though.
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    Low Coolant Temp

    I've got a 6th Gen and mine used to be at about 1/3 however in the summer, it's just under halfway.
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    Steel Wheels

    Cheers Dr Sam
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    Steel Wheels

    I'm looking to get a set of steel wheels for the winter however I need to know what size and PCD etc. I've got a 2002 Accord Sport on 16"s at the moment. Would any of you know what I'd need to ask for?
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    What 6th gens have people got post em up

    Here's mine looking quite good...from a distance. Plenty of swirl marks are the least of my worries.