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    Low MPG, bad vibrating/shaking when running idle,low revs or reversing.

    Hi, hope someone can help? Got my 59 plate Accord DTEC tourer ES GT Auto in December 2019. 119k on the clock. There is a dreadful vibrating and shaking when at low revs and idle also shakes bad when in reverse. Any ideas anyone please? Ive already spend £740 on new alternator and battery. I...
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    Flywheel + clutch replacement, my DIY experience

    Hi everyone, I've just completed a flywheel and clutch replacement on my 7 gen 2.2 Tourer, I was adamant that I wanted to complete the work myself and as such I wanted to write up a little review on why, what I did and how I got on. I figured others could benefit from this. Note, this is not a...
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    Help - 2005 Accord Type S 2.0 Petrol Auto

    Hi Guys, first post.... swaying towards a purchase of a Honda Accord for my next car, found one in particular, a 2005 Type S 2.0 petrol auto (75k miles on the clock). my daily commute is around 25 miles (total) and i'll be covering around 8k miles a year. how solid is the auto gearbox on...