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    cylinder order, 2.2 i-ctdi

    hey, this might be a stupid question, but can anyone tell what is the order of the cylinders? which cylinder is number one, if you were standing, in front of the car, looking at the engine I had to replace all the injectors, so now I have to code the new ones. but i need to know what is...
  2. L

    Diesel problems

    In nov/dec of this year I had a major problem with my engine , it had only done 50k when it started clanking and banging then stopped , turns out it had put a rod through the block ,the engine had plenty of oil , it was only doing about 5mph when it started , to cut a long story short , I had a...
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    Massive Headache! - Not Starting

    Hi Guys. My car is in the garage at the moment, as the timing chain snapped on the M1 about 6 months ago. I've had the timing chain replaced, along with the tensioners etc. 3 rockers replaced, as they had snapped. Valves are OK. After buttoning it back together, it would start, then die. EGR...