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A/C evaporator


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2000 Accord 1.8 si
Does anyone know where I can get a new evaporator for a 2000 Accord 1.8 Hatchback? I have tried everywhere I can think of and they seem to be unobtainable.
The part may not be unique to the 2000 1.8 Accord. It may have been the same as the Civic from that time, epecially if it has the same engine. Have a look at US part suppliers for what looks like an equivalent car on that market. Honda shared lots of parts across models and time, but they ***ign unique part numbers so each part looks totally unique. If you can establish the Height / Width / Depth of the evaporator and possibly the number of passes you can find identical parts. Then do a visual comparison for tubes etc. The capacity of the compressor and condenser may also be a clue to finding the same part.

Write the numbers you find on a spreadsheet so you can puzzle this out.