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Accord 7 Estate 2005
Well I called them last week and tbh the response wasn't good.

I did not have the exact date of my current renewal with me (though I know it is due in the next month based on the debits taken out each month from the existing broker). I was told to call back later as they could not provide me with a quotation.

So, has anyone got a price from CK for their Accord that is worth engaging with them a second time ?

Btw they don't do multi car insurance which is what I would ideally prefer so any recommendations to a company that does will be gratefully received.
I use the NFU, been with them for 9 years and no complaints.
Yes, my wife and I have a car each on the same policy and we've just insured our son on both cars with them.
They also don't charge for admin changes,.
And I will probably take up the offer from the NFU, just providing them with the minor detail on the two vehicles.

One day to go and NFU are close to the existing pemium of my existing broker.

I can't believe i've spent nearly five hours on the mobile and another two sending imagery to prove the cars are legitimate.
And,,,,,, paid the premium, though only for the Tourer since the multicarwas still nearly £100 more than the two separates.

At least I get to accvrue NCDs separately and fully comp gives me access to third party on other vehicles.
I got some quotes for renewal this year and none of the insurers I normally use would quote with mods declared

I rang 3x brokers (Chris Knott, Brentacre and Adrian Flux) and Chris Knott were the cheapest of the 3. Wasn't exactly cheap, but even a quote without any mods declared on my car has gone from 350 last year to 650... ended up paying about £50 extra for the mods which seemed fair to be honest.

I think for a stock car you can probably get the best deal with a mainstream insurer but for modifications i'd recommend them based on my experience