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H22A7 Alternator


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CH1 Accord Type R
Hi guys, first post here after lurking for a while from my time previously with a Mk7 Accord Type S.

I’ve recently picked up a 2000 CH1, and the alternator needs replacing as it’s on the way out. It’s fitted with the elusive Denso CJV40, and I’m almost out of options to find another one of these for sale, neither used or reconditioned.

It’s even more annoying as I work as a parts advisor in the motor trade and even I’m out of places to check. Do you guys know of any reliable places to find these alternator still? I’ve looked high and low at the oem part number, aftermarket ones, and I seem to be getting 2 pin alternators being suggested, instead of the 4 pin unit.

Any help would be massively appreciated :)
I found online this one, if it's suitable

According to a parts catalogue I found the part number 31100PDEE01 - on Amayama they are listing a bunch of the internal components for sale, maybe you can repair your original one? Or failing that get someone to refurbish it?