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    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    my dealer said he would replace the whole trim, but then ended up just gluing the original one back on. So there might be a chance that they could actually replace the trim, especially since you lost it because of a fault caused by a known recalled issue. Just give it a try, see what happens...
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    Plug & play auto folding mirrors

    No, you only need one module.
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    Plug & play auto folding mirrors

    They are wired, there is a switch inside the car to make the fold and unfold. The problem is, it only works when the key is in the ON position, which is a bit annoying if you forgot to fold the mirrors after parking, and it's also a bit dangerous to open the door after folding the mirrors...
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    Plug & play auto folding mirrors

    Thanks for the japanparts tip! I also ordered from them, package arrived quite fast. I also asked for a quote from another company in Japan but the price was higher, the offer came later, and the shipping was more expensive. I ended up using the mounting kit which is a bracket that I attached...
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    bluetooth pairing HTC phones

    Hi all I just ran into a problem with pairing an HTC 10 with the Honda HFT on a 2009 Accord. I saw in another discussion that other people had the same problem, so for some better visibility, I will create a new topic because the original one was related to another issue. Basically the...
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    Bluetooth unable to connect

    I just had the same problem which klaws and avfc_66 are having with an HTC 10 and a 2009 Accord, never had a problem with other phones. It would simply stop the pairing process as soon as I clicked on the Honda HFT on the phone to enter the pairing code. Just before giving up, I decided to try...