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    Climate control

    Hi all. Sorry for diggind old thread, but i am experiencing same problem as author. If i set temperature to 19 degrees i get hot air blowing all the time. Same hot air goes on every higher setting till 30.... If i set 18, i get only cold air... Has anybody had any similar problems and know fix?
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    abs not working

    well. i fixed that fault. connector was bad. all job what was done: bought abs modulator, changed it changed modulator back to oldone (with hope that scrapyard will take new one back, sadly they didn't) took out RR sensor out (it went out difficult, but in one piece). disassembled connector...
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    abs not working

    well at least you got error code from abs.... I have changed whole abs modulator unit. now it works differently. version1: there is no error when turning ignition on, abs works, but abs lamp is starting to flash after some time, no fault is indicated by self diagnostic. after cycling ignition -...
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    abs not working

    hi all. Has anybody experienced faulty abs without any error? Few month ago i started experiencing strange problem. Every time after car wash abs stopped working, same in wet air conditions. I have tried to do self diagnostic and got no errors, so. abs was ok for some time, but lately i started...
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    Low idle, sometimes?

    try to clean folowing parts: egr, throttle body, idle air control valve
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    f20b6 secon o2 sensor question

    hi all. Heater of secondary oxygen sensor(post catalyst) has died recently on my Accord.So i am looking for new one. I was told that Universal NTK sensor OZA624-E4 should work perfectly. can anybody confirm that? Denso catalogue show that DOX-1452 should fit on f20b6, but it is 2.5 times more...
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    Accord 6th gen and earlier manuals

    write me PM and when i notice i will give link to the file.
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    MPG, is this good?

    it looks like oxygen sensor problem. this will make wallet easier if so... Try to clean EGR at first and adjust valves first (it can save you much fuel) i had 31 MPG at summer(auto gearbox) in mixed driving and i don't believe in these who say they get 40. i think its impossible :) what...
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    correct type of wing mirror lens

    you just need to get mirror form lhd vehicle drivers side to get wide angle mirror. Just a tip: Driver side mirrors are called a-spherical mirrors (wide angle, with thin line in one side). mirrors of passenger side are simplier and called convex mirrors (if they are spherical)
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    windscreen air vents - no flow

    what you didn't understand? About installation or about fixing? what program location you didn't find?
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    u can update speed cameras by yourself for example find speed cameras download and.... find somewhere in there instructions how to upload POI to your tomtom or any other gps device Hopes it helps
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    Wheel Locking Key/Nut

    i don't believe in these removers and i would not spend money on them :) i tried to remove locking wheel nuts some time ago. i used simple bolt, welded it to the nut and unscrewed it with a simple socket.(its not diy thing ;) )
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    mine work a little bit. it clears enought place to see side mirrors, but that's all.
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    ECU Location?!

    that because they could take some money for service for sure :)
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    now need a neew good looking rims and everything will be perfect... It looks quite funny with these and atr spoiler. R15?