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    Type s 2.2 Idtec tuning

    Dunno, your type S already has an upgraded turbo, intercooler and brakes from the standard idtec so you're probably maxed out as to what you can reasonably do. You know the wise old tuners adage, if you want a much faster car probably best to buy one.
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    Type s 2.2 Idtec tuning

    How big, I think the S type can be tuned to around 230bhp with EGR blanking and DPF removal. Fahad will be along shortly...
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    Space saver

    As this thread demonstrates there seems to be a variety of space saver sizes available for the accord from 15" to 17" but does it actually matter if there isn't a size match with the other alloys?
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    Another faulty tailgate

    Oh, I've given it a good squirting with WD40. Tbh it still feels sticky and that it wants to stick, what else should I try?
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    Another faulty tailgate

    Thought I'd have another look in a few spare minutes with my new found knowledge, unstuck the handle and hey presto all working. Many thanks.
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    A Massive Hi and even BIGGER plea for knowledge!!

    I've been looking for fronts which are hanging on but as it isn't a MOT fail I haven't been overly concerned. If you want new you have to order them in via a Honda dealership and they'll come from Japan hence the cost. I thought about making my own or fashioning some from an existing pair which...
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    Another faulty tailgate

    Having read around the issue I'm pretty sure the loom is partly broken hence the partial failure which powers open and shut but doesn't completely latch and I can't open manually. It's not the fault finding and repair I'm too bothered about it's mucking about with the headliner. How easy is...
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    Leaking Exhaust Manifold - What are the Options? (2.2cdti)

    JB Weld wouldn't tolerate the temperature, it would have to be an exhaust paste. I would try it but as you say access you need access and I don't know where they usually fail.
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    Oil Pump Chain Renewal

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    Oil Pump Chain Renewal

    I really don't know sorry, from what I can tell the manual recommends removing the engine and gearbox for that job If that's not an option and you're trying to gain access from underneath I'm not sure how you can do it without supporting and lowering engine with a hoist or support beam then you...
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    Oil Pump Chain Renewal

    Click on this.... it's the workshop manual. You'll need to download it and extract it. It'll work on a windows running PC and you need Internet Explorer to view it.
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    What to Look for when buying 2006 Accord with 2.2cdti Engine?

    It sounds like you have an exec with one of the higher specs and if it has a FSH that's a good start as long as the oil changes weren't done after an extended number of miles between them. The gen 7 doesn't have a DPF so it won't suffer the gen 8 problems you've heard of. Usual problems if they...
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    2.4 petrol battery

    Doesn't seem quite old enough for it to be dying especially in a petrol, sure it's battery and not charging circuit? Is your battery bay full? You can see from the battery ad you posted there are battery dimensions so just make sure your existing battery measurements match up.
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    Oil Pump Chain Renewal

    See the workshop manual in my signature, it has a description of oil pan removal for a CN1 ant it looks detailed enough but couldn't say if it's the same as the one you have. You need PC/laptop and IE to download and use it.
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    Impressed with my mpg, what's yours?

    Fecked it up riding the clutch a bit (don't think clutch was slipping as was wearing poor footwear) but you get the idea.