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    2003 Tourer tailgate won't open/. warning light on

    Internet Explorer Open with IE>Execute IE>Say no to close window. Navigating is a bit odd, chose your model year then model, select workshop manual then topic and use the magnification search button in the top left of window to search that topic.
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    2003 Tourer tailgate won't open/. warning light on

    Double Post
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    2003 Tourer tailgate won't open/. warning light on

    @HondaAccordTourerOX Oh, just read Acowner's response above about struts being tired and on their way out, tired struts would possibly overload the motor and activate your tailgate to start closing prematurely. Try this then... as soon as the tailgate starts to lift tuck your fingers...
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    2003 Tourer tailgate won't open/. warning light on

    I'm only guessing but your tailgate fouling mechanism/sensor is being activated as soon as it opens and then closing and then the tailgate is completely failing to respond? That indicates to me you probably have a controller issue ie check the wiring loom at the tailgate hinge for physical...
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    New owner from Eastbourne

    Welcome. We don't seem to get many complaints about premature DMF failure so it was probably done while the clutch was out so should all last longer than 80K, I'm pretty sure I'm on my first at 130K so I think you'd be unlucky if you had to. Don't forget the DMF is part reason why the diesel...
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    DIY - How to fix squeaking, noise seats (back supports)

    Unlikely when links are that old.
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    Tailgate again!

    What's actually wrong with the tailgate, mine went wrong recently and it ended up being a simple fix however I ended up buying used closer unit when all I needed to do was unstick the external handle which was preventing the tailgate from closing properly. To check whether there is a broken...
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    Alarm again

    I have stupidly chewed the micro screw holding the key fob together by not taking enough initial care, I can't imagine finding a screw extractor small enough for that. Battery is still ok for the time being but any ideas?
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    Alarm again

    Answered: Put the battery on charge and the alarm started working, must be low because of the cold.
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    Tailgate again!

    Yes, they're in the workshop manual download of which is in my signature. If you tell me exact model and age I'll see what I can do but I'm telling you now it's often a broken wire in the loom located around the tailgate hinge. Not always mind but do a search and you'll see.
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    Alarm again

    Central locking works fine, just alarm system isn't engaging and no flashing red light in the dash. What's the quick fix please. New batteries for the fob for starters?
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    Honda Accord 8th Gen touring estate 20 inch wheels

    20's...ouch!! Roads are better in the U.S aren't they or they get their ***es sued. :)
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    Ads driving me crazy

    Yeah just use an ad block extension on your browser like AdBlock Plus, beware though as there are loads of derivatives out there that claim to be free but aren't.
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    Need Help with leaking fuel tank

    You can buy all sorts of products nowadays, fuel tank sealer, repairer etc. Not used any myself and usually a proper repair/ replacement would be preferable. If you can't get a replacement there are plenty men in sheds from the classic car world that'll fix it. After all a Mk6 is a classic nowadays.
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    Power Tail Gate (PTG) fault. Help please!

    As I mentioned in another thread make sure the tail gate handle isn't stuck.