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    8th Gen Windscreen Clips

    It stayed firmly attached until the Acord and I parted company about this time last year. Hopefully it's still ok for the new owner ;)
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    Impressed with my mpg, what's yours?

    @stellamon I'd be pretty disappointed with that. I averaged 54mpg over my 70,000 mile ownership, but that was (on the whole) being quite careful. Best return on a tank was 64.5mpg, worst was 44.6.mpg. I'm only getting 51mpg out of the Golf. Same driver, same journeys. Smaller car, smaller engine...
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    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    After thoroughly cleaning with a toothbrush to get all the dust and grime out a previous failed repair (not mine!) and allowing to dry I used clear Sticks Like Sh*t adhesive (Toolstation or Screwfix). I gaffa taped across the the trim onto the windows (knowling I could easily get any residue...
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    Rear Brake Problem

    I have always had to file a little of the paint from the (genuine Honda) pads so they are free to move (but not loose), others claim this is unnecessary -but it has worked for me across both my Accords
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    Key fob battery change

    The tiny screw (on a fixed, non-flipping) key is usually threadlocked in place. A brief warm with a soldering iron is enough to soften the threadlock to the point where the screw can be undone without obliterating the head. Once it has been undone a time or two it doesn't need to be heated...
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    Key fob battery change

    Same here. I found the screw was tight enough when refitted without any additional threadlocking compound.
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    Codes for removing 6 disc changer

    I had to put the code in when I had the battery off. Came with the car on a little credit card thingie tucked in the user manual. Not sure if you only remove some of the plug though...
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    Hollcroft honda

    It used to be the case that when you'd made enough posts to the forum the traders section would be opened up to you
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    Radiator refil Now Airlock

    This was a very long time ago, but it worked for me:
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    Strong diesel fumes around car

    My 8th Gen periodically made some unpleasant smells. I kept looking for a binding brake or a plastic bag stuck to the exhaust. My Golf produces the same aroma, only with the VW I'm 99% sure when it is and isn't doing a DPF regen (it sits at higher idle RPM) and am pretty sure that's the cause of...
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    2010 Accord Type S180 Excessive Shaking post 6 onward...
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    Not limp home but sort of the same

    Fuel starvation usually comes with a light on the dash, but a blocked fuel filter would be worth ruling out. Has the car had one lately, and was it a Bosch / Honda one?
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    Nasty shaking/vibration at speed

    Take a look at post 6 in this thread (which I slightly hijacked at the time :rolleyes:) for me it was driveshafts :
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    2.4 Vibration - Drive Shaft Splines?

    Not quite the same (and a different car!) but might be worth you having a read of this...
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    HID headlights into non hid car

    Don't factory HIDs have auto levelling? Don't know if the servo is the same or if it can be used with the manual control.