Hi im Kevin Boden......hense the Bodey nickname<br />
<br />
i have always been interested in cars and anything involved with racing speed etc.....<br />
<br />
i have owned my fair share of cars through the years but i have settled this past fews years wth honda accords, i owned three type r's and now i have a nice milano red cdti ex, lowered, 19&quot;rims and other wee adjustments to put my mark on it! i think its a fantastic car, and i cant believe its only now ive came across this forum with lots of interesting people willing to help eachother out, it must say its great to see and now be a part off!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a well maintained website and excellent information with a bunch of cool people really is a credit to everyone envolved in it......<br />
<br />
i valet cars as a part time job which i have been doing for some time and take pride in my car to the highest degree yet drive it everyday, although it kils me on these irish roads...which are NOT GREAT...and thats an understatement! <br />
<br />
i may have came across different issues and may be a help for troubleshooting with my experiances of owning previous hondas!!! so ask away, and if i can help i will!!!! yous crowd know your stuff i tell ya!!!<br />
<br />
this community of people are great and very prompt in answering quireies!! <br />
<br />
<br />
just hope when i get the hand of the website i can be too!!!!! <br />
<br />
if in doubt howl her out! Bodey.........
Mar 3, 1985 (Age: 36)
Honda Accord Exc




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