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  • Hi Fahad, I want to thank you for Remap my honda, you did it few month ago,great job! i went for long run 10 days 4000miles without any problems. Regards Kamil
    I did reply, but it's always best to email me for quicker response.
    Hi Fahad,
    I have tried to PM you but failed. My name is Arbab and I have a 53 plate CTDi Accord and can smell the fumes in the cabin. I can also smell fumes when I open the bonet and it looks like the manifold has cracked.
    Would it be possible for you to introduce me to your contact in Bradford so that I can have the manifold repaired. I live in West Midlands but can trave...
    Hi Gus I will drop you a PM, but in short yes absolutely we can tune it and its definitely worth doing. Plenty of info and examples on our Facebook page and also in the Premier Tuning subforum.
    Hi F6HAD ive been reading loads of positive comments about your remapp/tuning service and I am looking to get my 2010 i dtec type s (180) done just wondering is this advisable as im not sure if its already a tweeked 150 bhp GT or EX im sure its not so if you do advise it how much power increase would I see and how much would your services cost me mate.
    Cheers Dan.
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