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    Alarm continually going off

    RHS behind the Subwoofer. You have to remove a lot of other panels before you can remove the subwoofer panel though.
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    Tourer roof railing removal

    The plastic covers over the fastening points slide backwards or forwards and reveal the fasteners underneath.
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    P0325 code!

    I agree, very hard to beat OEM parts. Honda stuff must go through several more QC checks than aftermarket parts and that is all the difference that you need. Keep your Honda a Honda! within reason.
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    Drivers side heater blowing colder than Passenger side

    I don't think that member is active any longer, but you can check the flaps yourself they are on the central console on the drivers side behind the trim, I have seen a post before that showed the metal cable had jumped off a plastic peg that adjusted the flap.
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    Tourer boot leak solved!

    Might be a good investment to purchase a dessicant type dehumidifier and put it the car and run it for a few hours occasionally. I have one for a campervan and it makes a big difference. Dessicant types perform well in low temps unlike the refrigerant types which cease to function below 3-4 °C
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    Water leak in rear passenger footwell

    If you climb under the car you may be able to see some drain bungs in the body under the seats? I don't know if there is in that model but a lot of cars used to have them all over the bottom.
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    Tourer boot leak solved!

    If you zoom in to the first photo you can see the sealant line running upwards to 10 olock along the left side of the drainage channel, the sealant has cracked adjacent to the two spot weld divots. The crack is only small probably 1mm in width but it is visible. Polyurethane sealant would...
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    Using a Blue Print ADH22255 Air Filter on ICDTI Accords

    They have a green paper membrane that has a light oil impregnation. I think they are Tokyo Roki manufacture.
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    Water leak in rear passenger footwell

    The main places that I have found leaks are the joins on the body along the roof and down the rear part of the car where the panels meet, the manufacturers usually use a kind of sealant to connect and seal these joints and the mastic fails over time and lets in water. It can often be along the...
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    Using a Blue Print ADH22255 Air Filter on ICDTI Accords

    I have used them but I like the oiled type like the stock filter, I think its Herth and Buss that make an oiled filter but can't be sure. The oiled ones definitely catch more particulate matter than the dry ones IMO.
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    Tourer boot leak solved!

    I had something similar on an Avensis estate, I used Captain Tolleys creeping crack cure to fix it
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    Alarm and possibly related tailgate problem

    Has the car sat for any length of time unused? It sounds like moisture has got in somewhere and caused a problem, try measuring the resting voltage of the battery, maybe it needs to be charged a bit. If you are able to give it a run for a decent length of time it might help but with lockdowns it...
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    Rear wheel bearings

    I replaced an E11 Corolla front wheel bearing twice using F.A.G both times failed early, Replaced with Genuine Toyota ,no further issues even after car was sold. When or if the time comes to replace the Accord wheel bearings I think I will buy genuine, expensive but you get very good QC with...
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    Rear wheel bearings

    I would stay away from F.A.G bearings, they have been troublesome for me in the past, I think the Japanese brands NTN/NSK are the best, SKF as well but be careful about where you get them from, lots of counterfeit bearings around these days.
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    Stolen Catalytic Converter Parts List

    Lings have a decent parts fiche online with prices, also try Cox Motorparts in Morecambe, they have some good prices.