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    Front seats

    I think the front seats are the same LHD/RHD only difference will be the driver seat has more adjustment. Just the bolster should be fine to change, probably the foam will be bad as well.
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    Honda and valve chatter in the same sentence? Glad the motor is running well, it will be some difference I bet?
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    Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) does not work anymore.

    Clutch pedal switch faulty? Did the new CMC come with the switch installed or maybe just the act of breaking the connection and remaking it was enough? Let me know how you find the Siberian bushings, I was looking at them but ended up going for complete TRW branded arms, seems good so far, I...
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    Thats encouraging news, mine hasn't failed and the funny noise seems to have abated for now but I will definitely keep an eye on it.
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    2.2 i-dtec starter

    Gen 7 starter was at the front of the engine down low but the 8th Gen has a reversed layout because of the DPF at the front, The starter is at the rear of the engine so access will be from below, you will have to remove the plastic undertrays to access it correctly. Two long bolts hold it in. It...
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    8th gen rear subwoofer issue

    The Honda sound system is a lot more complicated then you might think. I don't know enough about them to tell you what the issue is but I have seen several threads like yours where people have tried to add aftermarket parts and is has not worked.
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    COMMA 5 / 30 full synthetic engine oil.

    What ACEA code is it?
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    DPF heat shield

    If you can find an old metal cabinet, you can make a curing oven, just cut a hole in it and put a hot air gun through the hole. I advise the use of a thermometer so you can regulate the heat yourself by means of opening and closing another hole with a piece of tin. Use of the kitchen oven is...
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    Front pad rattle

    The big wire spring on the outer pad is present and correct? Does it apply any pressure at all to the pad?
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    Front pad rattle

    That is entirely possible,I had the same even with the stainless pad clips on mine, I wouldn't worry about it as long as the pads are held securely in place, after some time, corrosion and dirt will build up again and stop the rattle. Pads should float freely but be held by the spring clips on...
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    Front pad rattle

    I have different front brakes on my ATS but my previous 7th Gen had the same hammer head type pads, The anti rattle is the way the clips fit into the piston and the big wire spring on the outside of the caliper. I would rather have the slight rattle than a binding pad.
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    DPF heat shield

    Probably better off using VHT Flameproof rather than just very high temp paint. I would prefer to err on the side of caution with regard to high temp coating especially seeing where they are situated.
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    8th gen product update - windscreen trims

    I used Tiger seal on mine, cleaned it extremely well with acetone and meths and let dry well, then a bead of tiger seal. Use some masking tape to hold it in position taping across the screen and down the door window. Leave it for 24 hrs then take the tape off. I did mine last year and they are...
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    High pitched whirring sound tied to RPM

    No short belt option on these, 7th gen had that but not the 8th
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    2012 Type S EPS Fail

    There is a separate part on the rack which is the torque sensor, which I ***ume translates steering input into electric current for the motor but the rest of the rack looks to be a sealed unit.