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    Electronic power steering 8th gen Accord is there perm fix or not at all.

    Hi there, i heard that these cars have extremely common problem which is ,Electronic power steering 8th gen Accord is there perm fix or not at all. Somepeople changed EPS but after lets say 40,000miles at max issue arrives again so i dont know if there is a permanent fix or people drive like...
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    8th gen accord are there any serious issues with petrol engines ?

    Hi people , since 7th generation had issues with their 150hp 2.0 petrol engine they eated valves - very well known problem, does 8th generation have simular or other serious issues with their 2 petrol litres engines which are 150hp, or its better and safer with 2.4 petrol engine please clarify...
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    question about transmission oil for my old accord?

    Hi i do own honda accord 5th generation made in the uk swington, 1997 2.2vtec engine according to spec car manual transmission is honda mtf - which is 1st generation, right now from dealers and everywhere i can only get mtf 3 unfortunately i guess oil viscocity...
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    5th gen Very strange story read it ,Help with my idle stuff fitv etc and ecu...

    Hi people i recently made a repair to my cylinder head not me service did it. After that i got problems my idling of my accord is kinda strange when i use petrol fuel i will give u a link to see it! i made adjustemnt to my fitv but it doesnt help me ((...
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    how to make plazma speedometer?

    friend broke my original speedometer and i must replace it with new or second hand and then i will try to get better plasma.
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    about my speedometer can i use newer speedo?

    Today friend broke my speedo so i must get another full speedo probably,my questio is can i use newer speedo on my accord year 1993 my current looks like this and i want to use something new probably like this...
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    how to make plazma speedometer?

    I recently bought plazma speedometer but i doesnt fit well in my car so today me and friend broke my fuel gauge and we remove the plazma speedometar things........... cuz my arrows dont work correctly here is how it looks like...
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    urgent question about my accord water pump

    the only reason i will change my current water pump is cuz i will change belts and pulleys of course :) and i wanted everything to be brand new and solid........ my current belts and pulleys and water pump is okey but i dont know how much km are gone with them so i dont want they to be broken...
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    urgent question about my accord water pump

    i already ordered that firstline water pump so i am worried is it good or not ? about belts they are one of the worlds best gates and pulleys sfk. i hope firstline wont dissapoint me and wont make me any troubles ;] but if some one used this brand u can tell me your opinions :)
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    urgent question about my accord water pump

    its hard to find them :( and firstline is new,my current water pump works okey but most people told me that i must change it when i change my belts and pulleys so i will change them soon and i already ordered firstline so i wanted to know if i made huge mistake or everything is ok with that...
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    urgent question about my accord water pump

    okey i made introduction in introduction forum/topic.
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    urgent question about my accord water pump

    i got old accord generation 5 i think i will change my water pump and i bought firstline are they a good brand and reliable water pumps? Please tell me .