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    Drivetrain vibration at high speed

    Transmission bushes when it happened on my diesel tourer. Expensive but judder gone.
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    Front Windscreen Wiper Motor

    Many thanks.
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    Front Windscreen Wiper Motor

    Out of the blue my front windscreen wiper motor appears to have failed. Are these easy to change? Anyone know if it’s worth opening it up to try and mend? I’m ***uming not. Thanks very much.
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    Ingalls 35623 camber kit

    Hi. Over 4 years on and all is well. Car now at 210k with no problems.
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    wobbly steering under load

    Finally sorted this and it was engine mounts and propshaft bushes but as my car has now done 187k i was not wholly suprised! Not cheap but the problem has been solved.
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    Fixing parking sensor error/replacing sensor

    I bought some on ebay recently (not cheap - new - from Japan) and they come white so need to colour coded in.
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    High speed judder/vibration

    I had vibrations but only at 55-65mph. I changed engine mounts and dirvieshaft bushes. An expensive thing to do but this solved the problem. My idtec 2009 is on 187k so i cannot complain......but obviously do!
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    High speed judder/vibration

    How did you get on? I have a vibration at around 60 but m it goes away at higher speeds and I have had my tracking and balancing done and my tyres are all fine. I changed one propshaft bush as the steering was cranky at stop and start speeds and whilst the clanking stopped I still have the...
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    Dpf new mot

    So....topic of the day - will the new mot really be able to discover a dpf has been removed?
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    wobbly steering under load

    I had not even thought about tracking. I've had the tyres changed and in the process they moved the wheels about and it didn't make a difference so yes, it maybe something as simple (and, as you say - the cheapest option) as tracking. Thanks.
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    VSA light .... and many many others

    Posting by way of info..... my VSA/TSA/ABS and pretty much everything else illuminated a few months and 7k miles ago. When the car was off and locked the brake lights came on too. After 48hrs it returned to normal. Then the same thing happened a couple of weeks back, but just add the auto...
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    wobbly steering under load

    I have been getting wobbly steering under load. The wheels are true and the garage check (an Indie, not Honda) have not seen anything untoward happening. She is at 170k miles so it could be just that the suspension is getting a little 'saggy' but i wondered if anyone else had experienced...
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    ABS VSA module detached

    HI - should i not disconnect the live and leave the negative in place or is that a daft thing to do?
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    ABS VSA module detached

    I wonder if anyone can help. After a slightly humpy road and small bash on the underside of the front bumper a mass crash of the electrical system happened where all the ABD VSA power steering and big ! lights came on and also my brake lights! A clear of the codes brought up that the 'module...
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    spraying parking sensors

    Yes but a garage is doing a bumper respray etc and I'd rather get ones they can just slot in to the existing connections rather than risk a scratch of the chin!