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    Long Drive

    I agree. Just came back from 720 miles straight driving in France. Averaged around 49 (sitting at 80ish). Car didn't miss a beat and the passengers didn't complain at all!
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    HID Installation

    Very professional fit. Nice one! I was tempted to go down this route, but was a bit worried when it's time to change the lamp. As the bulbs come with a bit of loom, would you not need to take the headlight off to change the bulb?
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    real bad smell

    As Dan suggested- take the nozzles off and empty the washer bottle. Then add BOILING water from a kettle as this will dissolved the sludge and rinse it though. Follow with a strong milton solution (baby bottle steriliser) or home brew sterliser powder from morrisons etc and rinse through. That...
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    high mile diesels

    Graphite Grey dude :-)
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    high mile diesels

    Don't even get me started on my Sisters Pug 206.......
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    high mile diesels

    How much are you looking to spend? Mines done around 120k with full honda service history (and some extended warranty left) running a new turbo and clutch completely standard. I'm not looking to sell it as such- but I keep hearing voices telling me "mortgage deposit" in me ears, so may be...
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    Which Discs ?

    I just bought a set of these Got the grooved and dimpled style- only fitted the fronts but chuffed so far.
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    whats the most youve towed (safely)?

    Woops, just noticed the date. Sorry!
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    whats the most youve towed (safely)?

    Very good tow bar, Andy. I have this on my car and it tows the 1100kg caravan very well, and can pull a 2 or so tonne no problem (when moving things around on the driveway, you don't want to go over the 1.5 tonne weight limit else you'll get nicked) If you have a type S splitter you can't see...
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    Tailgate rattle

    From memory, there are two rubber bungs on the back of most car boot/tailgate that you can turn to adjust. Just turn them clockwise so they stick out more and take the slack.
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    MTEC discs and pads

    Hi all! My brake discs and pads are in need of replacing soon, and just trying to weigh up the different options. I have been looking at the MTEC Front and Rear Grooved/Dimpled disc with Mintex pad, and can get them for around £180. These seem to have really really good reviews from the chaps...
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    Cheap diesel

    Thanks, Dan. Will make sure I check for signs of this regularly. Jake
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    Cheap diesel

    Thankfully it hasn't moved in around 5years, so seems okay. This design is not original by any means and has had no reported problems (thank goodness!!) Hehe I like your thinking. After all the time taken to remove the methanol after processing, I wouldn't want to then add ethanol! I have...
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    Cheap diesel

    Hehe, there are several variations of these plants! This is the most common GL processor. It runs at atmospheric pressure so no risk of the tank imploding or exploding, and incorporates a methanol recovery system. No technical expertise required- just a lot of time and research. I'm a mere IT...
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    Cheap diesel

    Sorry, just spotted this. Cost me around £300 to set up, but built all from scratch. I do soap tests etc, so ***urance there is no soaps left in the bio. Also do a 27/3 to help indicate a complete reaction from vegetable oil to biodiesel. Once converted, bio is a completely different substance...