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    NEW Xcarlink available?

    I changed recently sound system in mine accord 2007 2.4 petrol . I installed Polk Audio amplifier with speakers and LC7i Lock . I was using it with old xcarlink SKU424 ,I tried sound quality from SD card MP3 , pendrive , and from aux .I mainly listening music from YouTube or Amazon through my...
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    Speaker wiring colours

    LF- = YELLOW LF+ = RED/BLUE STRIPE RF- = RED RF+ = BLUE LR- = PINK LR+ = BLUE RR- = PURPLE RR+ = LIGHT GREEN Is this speakers cables are taken from back of the radio connector ?,are they they run to the amplifier directly ? How do I know which blue colour is right one ?
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    Honda accord 2003 executive speaker diagram

    Is the 14pins plug on existing amplifier comming from radio unit as a speakers and power ? And 20 pin plug is the one which going directly to the speakers? I got problem to understand it , can I use signal from 14pins plug from factory amplifier to feed my LOC ? If yes how do you know...
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    pss radio back connector block diagram
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    pss radio back connector block diagram
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    pss radio back connector block diagram
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    pss radio back connector block diagram

    Hi I am trying to install new amplifier with LC7i I removed connectors from oreginal amplifier. And I can't find any diagram for cables anywhere. Can someone help me please . It's honda accord 7 2007 executive pss 2.4 And this are 2 connectors from oreginal amplifier 14 pins and 20 pins , I...
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    Running supply cable through firewall

    Hi I was wondering where to run my supply cable for my amplifier . I have accord 2.4 2007 saloon . I found some space which is just next to steering wheel on driver side it's deep down where is a space for legs ,but I am not sure if it this one ? Someone told me I should use passenger side...
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    moving dvd drive

    Hi Does anyone try to move dvd reader in PSS system to let's say under passenger seat aNd then use empty space for new 1 din radio? I was thinking to install new radio but there is no space otherwise .
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    How to do RCA cables from PSS system in accord 7 2.4 petrol ?

    Hi everyone Is it any chance to get RCA cables from oreginal radio ? Or is it possible to get good quality signal from the radio if I install new amplifier and speakers ?
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    Automatic gearbox problem

    Hi Thank you for answer. I did have warranty for 3 month but its just something basic like repairs up to 300 or 400 pounds. What i notice is : on auto mode when i pressed acceleration button fully down the clutch is slipping ,or looks like auto cant put right gear . On semi auto ( i think...
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    Automatic gearbox problem

    I tried to do it on 4th gear , i can guess it was 4th , and its dit it too. But it doesnt happenen all the time , Not sure why ... Can i dridrive with this normally ? Any clue what the repair cost ? Thanks
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    Automatic gearbox problem

    Hi I bought recently honda accord 2.4 from 2007 with 100k miles . I tested carefully before i bought it . It drives ok but when i pressed acceleration pedal hardly down revs jumps to 5000 and looks like car dont accelerate . Looks like the gear is not in place or its on neutral. Its...
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    2.4 AT prefacelift Automatic gearbox Issues

    Does anyone have any problems and have to fix AT gearbox ? Just called honda and guy told me replacing gearbox is 1000 pounds and new AT gearbox around 4k . Car is worth 7k ... Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
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    2.4 AT prefacelift Automatic gearbox Issues

    Hi I am planing to buy 8 gen of honda accord and think about 2.4AT prefacelift. I never drive AT in my life,i drive 4 hondas during 10 years ,last 2 was diesels EX, all manuals. I am bit scared to buy AT as i read loads of info how expensive are AT gearboxes when they brake. I got few...