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    FRV advice.

    We have a 2.2 cDTI diesel the only issues we've had are rust over the rear arches and a couple of bumps on the drivers door and rear side passengers door- so just body work. The only mechanical issue has been the rear brake calipers siezing, and a new exhaust. At the moment it is coming up to...
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    Electric side mirrors

    I find it brilliant, us it to reverse up the drive and not on the grass. Just a shame the drivers one is not the same.
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    Any bike rack recommendations for an Honda Accord Estate? (for 2 bikes)

    Hi. I have one of the following:- which was great on my old Laguna which had more room to the tail gate so could use the tilt. Not so on the Accord ! So unable to use the tilt facility as shown in the pictures...
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    Roof Bars

    Hi I have a roof box and never really worry about where the roof bars go, +- an inch either way. The rear one I place tight up to the rear of the support just above the rear door, that then dictates where the front one is but normally mid way along the sun roof. Seems to work OK for me with...
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    Tar Spots

    Hi all. I was cleaning my Accord the other day and I noticed that most of the lower half from the B pillar is covered in small tar spots about pin head size. What product in the UK is advisable to use to remove them? and then after wash and polish as normal?
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    Ads driving me crazy

    As mentioned by @kpanchev i have a Pie Hole installed on my home network, be surprised how how much it blocks. Was given the Pie for free was up and running in about an hour, been running now for over a year without issues.
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    is it possible to retrofit ACC- adaptive cruise control on accord 7th gen 2.4 engine petrol manual gearbox?

    Hi. Anything is possible with time and money! Just need to weigh up the pros and cons.
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    Bulb types (blinker)

    Hi. These guys should be able to help:- this is the bulb type:
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    Rear Brake Piston

    I have on an old Mk4 Accord just cleaned the piston to remove the obvious corrosion, then as I put the dust cover back on put some thick grease in the boot.
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    Plug & play auto folding mirrors

    We all eagerly await the out come with baited breath!
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    8th Gen Windscreen Clips

    @Gozzy. I find the reply from Honda a bit disappointing like you. My Accord is of 09 vintage and was subject to the recall and work carried out accordingly. Sometime later prior to my ownership the screen was replaced and both trims just bodged back on with glue. about two years ago in the hot...
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    Wheel size

    @Adil6 I have just fitted Goodyear efficient grip 2 to the front end seem far better then the Continentals Premium Contact 6 that were on there before. However they have only been on for two weeks.
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    Headlight Bulbs

    As it would seem that HID are a no go! was thinking of a pair of these:- Philips automotive lighting 11258XUX2 X-tremeUltinon LED car Headlight Bulb (H1), 6.500K, Set of 2 from Amazon at £108. the box mentions that they are not for use on public roads! i expect because of the greater light...
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    Space saver

    As 2taol mentioned a full size wheel will fit in the space on a Tourer, however this is not the case of the saloon. I do have the space saver for sale from my Tourer.
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    Plug & play auto folding mirrors

    Awaiting with baited breath.