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    Rust - like this - how bad and does it pass MOT?

    Had that on a couple of VW Passats I owned a few years ago. Very common rust issue. VW said it was Caused by a mechanical issue to get out of fixing it under the 12 year paint guarantee that the cars had. All starts on the inside of the wing so as said no point tarting up the outside.
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    Rust - like this - how bad and does it pass MOT?

    Not bad but it will only get worse. Has it been kept near the sea? Mine is on a 10 plate and no rust anywhere yet.
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    Do 7th Gens Suffer From Rust?

    I bought a Mercedes Sprinter mwb high roof last year to do some camping. Never seen so much rusty bodywork. Spent days grinding off rust patches and re-spraying it. I bought 2 tins and a 5L tub of this to treat the underside and inside the chassis: The tins...
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    DPF replacement, how much work?

    Get it removed and mapped out and don't feel guilty about it. Mine had been done when I bought it by the previous owner but I didn't know that until I took it to Fahad for a remap and dpf removal. It had already gone through the mot with no problems.
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    Rear wheel bearing 09 Tourer

    Try entering your car details here and search through the diagrams for what you're after:
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    2007 Accord fails to start

    The resting voltage of the battery should ideally be no lower than 12.6V. Bear in mind that when a battery goes down to 12.2V it's actually only 50% charged, and below 12V it's classed as discharged.
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    Rear Upper Track Control Arm on Tourer

    Looks like a good find that. Not sure I'd be attempting bush replacement at that price as it's a ballache without a press
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    Rear Upper Track Control Arm on Tourer

    Don't know your year or model ( says you've got a toyota avensis so wrong forum ) but this looks similar\;
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    Wheel stud thread

    Looks like it on here:
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    Boot problem.

    More here: From this thread: freddofrog, post: 228396, member: 2164" holy thread resurrection batman :eek:'s an interesting read on many levels also it's a precursor to more...
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    Boot problem.

    Could be a fault with the locking mechanism then. Fuse #21 in footwell also worth a check.
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    Boot problem.

    Could be a fuse. Have a look at this thread with the fuse list. Don't know your model but suspects could be #41 or 42 or 7 further down in the other location:
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    Found rat in engine bay

    Ours is a demon ninja, on patrol every night and there's always left over entrails on the door step
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    Found rat in engine bay

    Get yourself a cat:
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    What other cars have people got/had

    Going to show my age now: 1st car: mk2 escort 1600 then mk2 escort 1600 mk1 escort 2100 rally prepared mk3 escort vauxhall sri 1800 mk2 citroen ax honda accord lx mitsubishi space star 1800 fiat punto Toyota dyna 150 rover 416 passat 1.9 tdi volvo v70 t5 volvo v70 r audi s4 vauxhall vectra 2.5...