1. W

    2.2 EX Front Brake Caliper Bushes

    ATE 296mm single piston brake. Has anyone removed the rubber bushes through which the guide pins slide? If so, whats's the best way to get them out without damaging them. I don't want to spend £45 on new ones unnecessarily. There's a long, slightly tapered bit sticking out of the back of the...
  2. I

    Accord 7th Gen brakes update: All OEM solutions

    Hi all, I know that there are many topics about brakes updates, but I want to try to gather all information I found in a unique topic. I focuses only on Honda or Acura OEM updates, because they are cheap, easy to find and maintain. Front brakes updates OEM Accord Calipers1 floating...
  3. anparkinson

    Tourer binding rear brakes freeing off.

    I noticed both rear wheels were getting hot on my 2007 2.0 tourer. When I jacked the car up both wheels were not free to turn. As soon as I removed the caliper (2 x 12mm bolts) the wheel turned freely so obviously I had the sticky caliper issue. The pads were worn - £20 from Europarts for a new...